What is an LLS?

LLS stands for Limited Liability Series. It is a separate series or cell formed under a series LLC. It is also a designation of a series that has limited liability. Similar to the LLC designation.

A series LLC is a specially recognized type of LLC in Texas. It allows an LLC to setup an unlimited number of series or cells that each has its own members, liabilities, and assets. Effectively, it allows an LLC to set up as many series as it desires as long as the books and records of each are separate and distinct.

Because we set up Limited Liability Series LLC as a Texas series LLC, we have the ability to establish as many series or cells as we desire. We have filed all of the paperwork and our founder serves as the registered agent for the LLC.

When you sign up for an LLS, we establish a distinct and separate series of our LLC for you. This series or LLS is yours to use just like an LLC could be used. But you don't have the headache of having to file articles, certificates, bylaws, or agreements. We have already done that for you. You do need to maintain the formalities of your LLS and keep good records, but we have eliminated a huge hurdle for you in getting started.

We developed the LLS to make it simple for you to get started and simple for you to maintain. This helps us fulfill our mission: To Help Others Build Something Great.

For only $129, you can have your own LLS!

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